Things to do in the local area

Liverpool Fine Dining

There are so many Places you can go for Fine Dining in Liverpool.

From Fazenda Bar and Grill, to Gino D’Campo, San Carlo and Lot’s lot’s More.

If we where to Write down all the High Quality Restaurants you could go to during your stay, you would be scrolling all day.  Below is just a Few Recommendations that we highly Rate and Know that you will Have a Night to Remember with your Colleagues and Friends

Geoff Lloyd has Lived in Liverpool all his life, he will Guarantee that Liverpool has a place for everyone.

The Liverpool Region is Full of Friendly People, Great Places to go and see.

Day’s or Night’s out ? Then we are confident that you won’t be disappointed.

Why Not ask our Checking In Staff to find out what would suit you.

We Welcome you to Stay at our Luxury Apartments located in the Business Quarter, close Access to all Amenities

Geoff Lloyd


Fazenda Bar and Grill

Head around to the Fazenda Bar and Grill.  Just around the Corner awaits one of the Best Restaurants in Liverpool.

Mouth Watering Ingredients and Top Star Chef’s

Easy Stroll back to your Luxury Apartment to finish the Night off with Relaxation.

san carlo

san carlo restaurant

It Goes without saying that One of the Best Italian’s in Liverpool is the 5 Star Quality San Carlo Restaurant.  Located just a 5 Minute Walk Exchange Flags.

Our Director, Geoff Lloyd, Highly Recommends this Restaurant.

Leo Casino

Leo casino

It’s Not Just about Gambling.  Leo Casino offers more than just your Ordinary Casino.  Leo Casino is Located right on the Waterfront, Boasting Beautiful Views with their own, High Quality Chef’s.

Take a Short Taxi Ride which will not cost more that £4.00

albert dock

Alberty dock

Full of Beauty and Top Class Dining with Astonishing Views.

The Albert Dock will make your Night a time to Remember.

Take a Stroll Down the Waterfront and enjoy the Views where you can see all the Cruse Liners coming in and out, Followed by a Night of Dining and Socialising

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